Musicians should not live useless lives which doesn’t glorify God-Duncan Mighty


Duncan Mighty has opened up on what he doesn’t like about music and the costliest mistake a musician can make..He told Yes International..
There’s nothing I don’t like about music. But an artiste, when you have opportunities to sing, don’t use it to abuse other people. It’s very bad. I don’t like it because music is a gift given to us by God. So, we should use it to glorify God, not to abuse God or people.
One of the costliest mistakes a musician or a star can make is for a music star to be living a useless life. I mean, living a life that will not glorify God. After all God has done for you through music, you forget how you started and you allow the fame to take over you. You can influence people in a better way. You can change people. But the right people can not come to you because of your attitude. So, I think this is a big mistake.

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